Aging Out; Moving Forward

We have a problem. We can’t avoid it. We don’t like to talk about it, but it’s something we all have to face. The sooner we address it, the better off we will be – but it’s hard! What’s the problem?


Time means change. Change is often a good thing, but it’s not always easy. We grow older; our loved ones grow older, and as awkward as the subject may be, age brings with it some difficult changes.

Here’s the fact: people age out of their homes. What does this mean? As people grow older, maintaining homes and keeping up with household tasks becomes more difficult – and eventually impossible! Household upkeep, like cleaning and organizing, becomes less frequent and eventually, the chaos builds up. Mobility becomes limited and people become isolated to one area of the house. Put simply, keeping a house becomes impractical and it’s time to think about a change.

Picture this:

Your parents have been living in the same house for over 40 years. In that time, things have accumulated, papers and knickknacks have piled up on surfaces all over, your parents don’t have the energy or mobility to tidy up, and the clutter continues to grow. Using the stairs is both difficult and dangerous for your parents, but the only bathroom with a shower is on the second floor. Life in this house was once a pleasure, but has become a burden. You see this and make the appropriate arrangements—senior community, assisted living, etc. But now you’re left to deal with the house.

What do you do now?

The house is cluttered and needs updating and repairs. You don’t know if it’s worth investing the time and money because you don’t know how much the house will be worth, or if it will even sell. You’re getting a headache.

So, now a huge responsibility has been dropped at your feet. But where do you go from here? Where are the solutions?

Rock Island Realty is ready for your call!

This Northside Cincinnati company is dedicated to bringing great people and great homes together. Whether it’s selling, renting or buying a home, Rock Island Realty strives to make the process easy so you can focus on the most important thing: your loved ones and their health, happiness and wellbeing. With Rock Island Realty, you don’t have to worry about fussing with prices or staging the house to sell it.

Lisa Meeks, founder of Rock Island Realty, is a passionate human rights lawyer who is dedicated to serving the Greater Cincinnati community. She began this business in 2006, with the house next to her own home. Since then, her real estate business has grown into an organization committed to integrity, quality and attention to detail.

“We take pride in making our neighborhood inviting with wonderful aesthetics. We also have had the privilege of growing with our clients through various stages of their lives,” said Meeks.

If your loved ones are aging out of their homes, Rock Island Realty is the perfect solution. Rock Island Realty buys houses, in all kinds of conditions, and puts in the hard work to bring it to its potential and provide housing to those who need it.

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