Free Estimates

Rock Island would like to help you turn your vision into reality. We offer a free consultation where we listen to your ideas, collectively define the scope of the project, set preliminary budget expectations, and discuss practical solutions.  The estimate is based on our extensive remodeling experience.  It is not a “firm” bid, but we can provide a range for the cost of the project as well as how long the project will take. 

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Pre-Construction Services

The gold standard in any remodeling project is to be “on time and on budget,” but how can a contractor create a reliable schedule or an accurate budget from incomplete information? Most projects need some work BEFORE a contractor can provide itemized pricing and a firm bid.  Beware of contractors who throw out a low-ball price based on incomplete information—this can result in multiple change orders after the project gets underway! 

Rock Island offers preconstruction services to help you clearly define the scope of the project, work through any important design decisions that could affect cost, and create any drawings needed for accurate bidding.  Rock Island is committed to helping you find cost-saving options during this process. And all of this happens with one point of contact: Rock Island assembles the appropriate team of architects, engineers, and design professionals and we’ll coordinate their efforts on your behalf. Pricing for this service varies, depending on the type of support required.

You may ask why you should pay for pre-construction services before getting a firm bid from a contractor.  Will this investment pay dividends in time and money?  The answer is YES and YES!  Because all the important decisions are made before bidding, budgets are more reliable, scheduling is more efficient, and change orders are minimized. 

A 2017 top-to-bottom rehab on a house on Williamson Place in Northside. Full gallery of interior and exterior images here.


Rock Island offers traditional general contracting services. Rock Island will assemble the appropriate team of trusted trade partners to provide accurate contract pricing. We can bid and build any project—deck, porch, kitchen, bath, addition, whole-home remodel to new construction! 

Maybe you’d like to add a bathroom to your home.

Or update your kitchen.

How about a deck?

We do it all—top to bottom, large and small, inside and out.

Contact us with your ideas and we’ll start a dialogue. Our reputation in Cincinnati means you are assured a high level of professionalism and capability.


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