Renovations can be a bit overwhelming. But we do them all day, every day. So we’d like to bring our expertise and professionalism to your renovation–and remove the stress factor. Here’s how we do it.

We do a lot of kitchen revamps, so let’s use that room as an example. But it applies to pretty much every room of the house, from a bathroom to an addition to a top-to-bottom rehab.

First, you share with us your ideas. It’s OK if they are a bit vague. We welcome your magazine clippings and design-blog bookmarks. We’ll ask questions. We’ll begin a dialogue about budget and schedule. Together we will start to craft a solution for your particular needs.

If you’d like, we can walk you through a few of our recent home renovations. There you can see real-life examples of the kind of work we do.

Many people would like a more open kitchen so they can socialize as they cook. They need more functionality, more counter space, updated appliances. You may want a farmhouse sink, or an undermount sink. You may want to switch from an electric range to gas. It can all be done!

We make suggestions to finesse your ideas and then sketch it all out. We talk about custom finishes, appliances, flooring, and fixtures. Then we finalize the schedule and budget.

We typically have an architect draw up detailed plans. From there, we begin to order materials. Since we have a warehouse, we can hold all the items until everything has arrived. Then our “SWAT team” springs into action.

We set up a well functioning alternate cooking space for you, and dismantle the old kitchen. Then we begin installing the new one. It can take as little as 7 days for us to install a completely new kitchen.

After that, you move back into your dream kitchen. And live happily ever after!