• Call Duke at 800-544-6900 and open your Duke account. You will have 5 days grace to put the service in your name, then you will be charged $5 per day after your move in date until you put the account into your name.
  • Schedule a Move-in Inspection. Don’t get charged for damages caused by someone else and receive your Mailbox Keys at Inspection!
  • Please keep office updated with your current contact information including cell phone numbers and best email for you. We also need current emergency contact information for your next of kin.
  • For example, if there is a fire, we need to provide the fire department with up-to-date information, so we can account for all persons in the apartments, or, if you have a health crisis, we will know who to contact.
  • Review the rest of this handout & keep it with your copy of the lease.


Repairs, Maintenance, Pests, Inspections
Maintenance Line: 513-258-9982
Text Only: 513-657-1754

Leasing Question – Want to see an apartment – Question about your apartment or building
Mobile Call or Text: 513-400-8123
Office: 513-952-9200 X103

Offices of Rock Island Realty to speak with the Office Manager Regarding Issues such as Complaints, Compliments, Company Policy, Add a Pet Addendum, Payments, Other Charges
Office: 513-952-9200 X102
Text Only: 513-657-1754


For Maintenance issues call 513-258-9982. Leave a detailed message that includes your name, address, phone number & specifics about the problem that includes location, what it is, & what is happening.

For Emergency Maintenance issues listen for the emergency option when you call the maintenance line. This option should ONLY be used for true emergencies such as no heat when outside temperature is below 55 degrees, water leaks that will cause damage, flooding, sewer backup (no AC is NOT an emergency!).

Periodically there will be service technicians visiting your apartment for service tickets, routine & emergency maintenance, pest control, & bi-annual Inspections, etc.

We will give you at least 24 hours’ notice, if possible, unless you have initiated the visit by request of a service and/or repair or if there is an emergency.

Service technicians will not enter your apartment if you are not appropriately clothed.

Service technicians will not enter your apartment if there is an unrestrained or uncrated dog. If you have been given notice for a scheduled service, or you have requested service, & the dog is not secured, you will be charged $50 for not having your dog restrained or removed as the service visit will have to be rescheduled.


We contract with an exterminator for routine monthly pest inspections & pest treatments.

You should expect that your apartment will have a routine pest inspection several times per year.

ARE YOU SEEING PESTS? Call Maintenance (513-258-9982) and report what you are seeing and where. We will either put you on the schedule for upcoming service or arrange for treatment sooner. Also remember to give your name & address.

Do NOT use any household pesticides or sprays in your apartment. Doing so will undermine the professional treatment that we provide, & you will expose yourself to unnecessary chemicals.

Per the terms of your lease, you are prohibited from denying entrance to our service personnel when you have requested service, when you have been given appropriate notice, or in the event of an emergency.



  • NO food of any kind
  • NO grease, oil or fats – Pour into old can, let it cool and put in trash bag
  • NO personal care items like tampons, napkins, diapers, wipes, cotton balls/swabs, dental floss, bandages, contraceptives, gloves, hair (real or artificial) or hairpins
  • NO thread, medications, or vitamins
  • NO metals, plastic or paper
  • NO cigarettes &/or butts
  • NO toys or stickers
  • NO cat litter of any kind or aquarium rocks
  • NO solvents, corrosives or cleaning products
  • NO seeds or pits
  • When in doubt – Throw it out in the trash!

A slow drain is much easier to clear than a completely clogged drain. Call Maintenance at 513-258-9982.


Call 911 for Fire, Medical, & Police Emergencies

AC not working? NOT AN EMERGENCY! (Unless the office has documentation on file for medical necessity). It can wait until the next business day. Call the maintenance line: 513-258-9982

Lockouts requiring a locksmith due to tenant error or negligence will be charged the current locksmith’s rate plus 10%.

If it is after hours (4 PM – 8 AM), staff is not available or it’s a weekend or holiday, a locksmith must be called

If it is M-F, during business hours of 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, you will be charged $35 for a lockout.

Rekeying of locks (maybe you lost your keys, or you gave a key to someone that you do not want to have it now, or they were stolen) will be handled during business hours & you will be charged $50.

Payment is due at the time of service & must be paid over the phone or in person at the office by credit card. NO ACH PAYMENTS for these services.


No parking or driving on the grass or walkways at any time, even when you are moving in or out. Damages to lawn, walkways & gardens will be deducted from your security deposit.

Park only in designated parking spots or on the street.

If your Parking Lot is a Permitted Lot, you must display your permit at ALL times on your rear view mirror, or it will be towed at your expense.

Non-working vehicles are NOT allowed in the parking lot & will be towed at your expense.

If your vehicle registration is expired, you will be towed at your expense.

Do NOT park in a spot marked as handicapped unless you have the proper permit to do so. You will get towed if you do not have a handicapped permit!

Improperly parked or double parked, you WILL be towed!

You are allowed one permit for one licensed vehicle per licensed resident to be parked on apartment property.

Do NOT empty trash from your car into the parking lot. Use the dumpster; that is what it is for.

You are not permitted to store any belongings in the parking lot, beside the exterior of the building or anywhere else on the property other than your apartment, or your designated storage area if your building has one.


All residents are entitled to peacefully enjoy their apartment. All residents are expected to limit excessive noise during all hours, from music, guests, pets etc. Buildings are to be QUIET from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. If you are respectfully asked to turn down music, quiet your guests or children, stop your dog from barking, etc., you are expected to respectfully comply with the request. Not respecting your neighbors’ right to quiet is a lease violation & may result in eviction action.

Visitors are always welcome, unless they are not following the rules and being respectful. However, unauthorized occupants who are not on your lease and living with you, are not! You WILL be charged an additional fee of $100 per unauthorized additional occupant per month until they vacate or you get them approved and added to your lease. NO EXCEPTIONS!

No Grills, BBQ’s or open flames inside or outside. This is a municipal code by the city.

Do NOT use your stove &/or oven for heat. This is an extreme fire hazard! You will also damage the stove & oven & will have to pay for its replacement.

Do NOT disable your smoke alarms – they are for YOUR safety. If we discover that you have a disabled smoke alarm, you will be fined $100.

Do not leave trash in any common area. Trash should be taken directly from your apartment to the dumpster.

NO FURNITURE IN OR AROUND THE DUMPSTERS! Dumpsters are for household bagged garbage ONLY! If you have furniture to dispose of you will need to make other arrangements for disposal. You WILL be charged for any furniture or large items not permitted to be disposed of in or around the dumpsters.

Littering is not permitted & is a lease violation (this includes cigarette butts & dog poop).

Do not put anything on your windows – no signs, cardboard, paper, etc. You are permitted to hang curtains in your apartment, however the mini-blinds must remain in the windows for a uniform appearance of the buildings.

Do not throw anything out of your windows or from your balcony!

While we want you to feel at home, when outside of your apartment please be clothed appropriately.

The laundry room is in the basement. The Washer usually takes about 30 minutes and the Dryer about 45 minutes.

Do not leave your clothes unattended as they may not be there when you return.

Remember to empty the lint from the dryer and the debris from the utility sink– this will help the utility sink from clogging and backing up and help prevent a possible clog, as well as the dryer will dry more effectively, & you will help to prevent a possible fire.


Rent is due on the first of the month. Your rent is late after the 5th. Payments made after the 5th MUST include a late fee of $50.00.

We only accept payments online via ACH or Credit Card. We DO NOT accept cash, check or money order! We do have a Cash Payment Option to pay your payment at a participating vendor location!

You will be charged $35.00 for an NSF payment.

All on-line & over the phone payments have a fee of $2.95. In addition, if paid via credit card there is also a 3.5% plus $2.95 charge added. (These fees go to the company that provides the payment service, not us).

If rent has not been paid by the 6th of the month you will receive a 3–Day notice to vacate the premises for non-payment of rent, your online account access will be suspended and payment in full must be made via phone payment with the office.

We do NOT accept partial payments.

At the end of the 3-day notice period on the 10th, unpaid accounts will be sent to our attorney to file for eviction on the 11th (or following business day).

After your account has been sent to the attorney for eviction filing on the 11th, an additional $325.00 is added to your account balance for attorney & filing fees. To cancel the eviction filing, you must pay all rent, late charges, & additional charges or fees owing in full. Contact the office (513-952-9200 X102) to determine the total amount due.

Near the end of your lease, you will get a letter from the office giving you options for renewing your lease, going month to month, or vacating the apartment. If you submit a notice to leave it will have to be dated and received by or before the first of the month you are submitting the notice.

Have a friend or relative that wants to move in? They must complete an application, pay $50 for the screening (per adult 18 and over), & be added to the lease in order to become an occupant or resident of the apartment. If they move-in without applying & passing the screening, you are in violation of the terms of your lease.


If you see something, say something – call the police: dial 911.

You can report anonymously by calling Tri-State Crime Stoppers at 888-352-3040 (local) or if you have witnessed a crime, or if you have a tip related to drugs, 513-352-3715. Crime Stoppers will not ask your name, they do not record phone calls & they do not use caller ID.

Download the Tri-State Crime Stoppers P3 Tips app. It is in both the Google Play Store & the Apple App Store.  The link is free. Once it is on your phone you can send anonymous tips or follow-up on tips you sent previously.

Never leave Building entry or interior hall doors propped open!

Always lock your deadbolt.

Always lock your door, even if you are just running down to the laundry room.

Always make sure the building exterior door is fully closed & locked. This door is always locked for your safety.

Keep your car doors locked, & do not leave any valuables in your car.

DO NOT leave an extra key under the door mat or anywhere else.

DO NOT give your keys, or a copy of your keys, to anyone.

DO NOT tamper with or disable your smoke alarm! If it chirps, you need to replace the 9-volt battery. YOU WILL BE FINED $100 if your smoke alarm is disabled, has been tampered with or has a dead battery. If you need help, call Maintenance.


Maybe you overhear someone bragging about having committed a crime. Maybe you know someone who is driving a stolen car……or is hiding from the Police……or has killed, raped or beaten up someone……or is a robber, burglar or drug dealer. Or maybe you just see something that doesn’t look right. A strange car. A person acting sneaky. A person with a gun or knife or another lethal weapon. People taking things out of a house, garage, business, car trunk or a railway car.

If you do, call Crime Stoppers. If you aren’t sure that what you saw or heard is really a crime, call anyway. Let the Police decide if it’s worth investigating. It may be a piece of a clue to a big crime.

When you call, don’t give your name. They won’t ask for it. They don’t want it. No one will know your name. They will give you a secret number that is yours alone.

Crime Stoppers does not use caller I.D. or record telephone calls. Tell them what you know…or suspect. They will tell you to call back to find out how it turned out…& whether you will get a reward.

Call Crime Stoppers & you may get a CASH REWARD up to $1,000. Also, a better neighborhood. Less crime. Less fear. More peace of mind.

Crime Stoppers is now using the P3 Tips phone app because it allows you to do more, like communicating anonymously directly with a detective. The tip line can be accessed by phone (888-352-3040), & by sending a tip through the P3 app on your phone. You can follow-up on tips through your phone also.


Having a pet is a privilege. If you have a pet, you are required to have permission in the form of a pet addendum.

If you need to get a pet addendum for a new pet, call the office at 513-952-9200 X102.

Having a pet also requires a non-refundable pet deposit of $100 per pet, and $30 monthly per pet rent payment.

You are required to clean up after your pet – pick up your dog’s poop! Use a plastic bag, tie it up, then properly dispose of the waste in the dumpster.

Outside of your apartment, dogs must be leashed & under your control at all times (not everyone loves dogs).

Do NOT feed animals outside (this attracts rats & mice).

Do NOT feed stray cats and dogs.

Store your pet’s food in a sealed container & do not leave uneaten food around your apartment. (Bugs & rodents love to eat your leftovers!)


You are required to give a minimum of 30 days’ written notice, delivered to our offices at 4014 Spring Grove Ave in Northside, before moving. Emails & text are also acceptable methods for giving notice. Notice must be submitted by or before the 1st of the month you are submitting notice. Send text to 513-657-1754 or email to

Next you will receive a letter from the office with instructions for the move-out process.

Want to get your security deposit refunded?

Remove all trash & thoroughly clean the apartment, including the appliances, after you have removed all your belongings.

Then schedule a walk through by contacting the office at 513-952-9200 ext. 102, leave a detailed message explaining why you are calling, the address & apartment #, your name & your phone number or by texting 513-657-1754 with the same information.

You will get a return call or text to schedule a walk through with maintenance to evaluate the condition of the apartment.

Return all the keys for the apartment, the building & mailbox. You can do this during the walk through. If you do not return the keys, you will be charged for them & for re-keying.

Make sure you give a forwarding address to the office, so we can mail your eligible security deposit refund check to you.